Niharika Chatterjee is the wife of public prosecutor Arindam Chatterjee. Arindam is a dominating husband who is a male chauvinist. He dominates over Niharika. Thus, Niharika is unhappy with her marriage life. They both have a sweet little child who is deaf and dumb. Niharika organises a party for girls who are physically challenged like her own daughter. There, she meets new Inspector General of correctional cells of West Bengal, Mr. Brij Narayan Dutta. The latter informs Niharika his plans and ideas of reforming convicts of the correctional cells. Being aware of Niharika’s talent and skills, he requests Niharika to help him organise an event with the prisoners. Niharika agrees to the proposal with a condition that her husband needs to be kept in the dark. One day while they were having a rehearsal, Niharika wished to stage Rabindranath Tagore’s Valmiki-Pratibha involving the inmates of the correctional cells. Niharika informs B.N.Dutta about it. B.N.Dutta likes the idea and approves the proposal. In the cellular jail, Yusuf Mohammad is a very well known criminal. He is accused of murder, kidnapping, etc. B.N.Dutta wants him to be in the play. He succeeds in convincing Mohommad Yousuf. It is he who later becomes Niharika’s main protagoinst in the stage play. Mohammad Yousuf gradually changes as Niharika keeps training them. They plan to escape from the jail at the day of the play. But, the feeling of guilt encompasses Mhd. Yousuf and though they got out of the jail through a tunnel, they return and completes the play.



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