The film deals with the supernatural and starts with the death of a criminal (Mantra Shiba ) in a shoot out. Before dying, through his supernatural powers, he implants his spirit into the body of a talking doll. This talking doll is stolen and sold at a cheaper price to a young working widowed woman, who buys it for her young son as a birthday gift. The boy is overjoyed to get it. However being detained in office due to work load, her colleague volunteers to keep the child company; but the woman is killed by the doll possessed by the spirit. She was killed as she had switched off the TV airing news about the criminal’s death. The police comes in for investment, incidentally led by the officer who had shot and killed the criminal. The child tries to reveal that the doll had murdered the woman, but nobody pays any heed to him. Later, however, the child is taken into police custody and sent to the police hospital when the doll avenges upon his enemy through him. The child continually tries to prove his innocence. In the meantime the woman also discovers the doll’s supernatural powers and is attacked by it. She tries to inform the police, initially they do not pay any heed but gradually realize the graveness of the situation and reopen the criminal case file. In the meantime the spirit attacks his spiritual guru and finds out that he would be able to regain human form by killing the child. The guru blesses the mother and gives her a charmed spear to destroy the evil spirit; thereafter when the spirit tries to kill the child, she sets the doll on fire and strikes the spirit with the spear and ultimately destroys it.

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